Thank you very much for your inspiring presentation at the Gold Coast Writers’ Association on 17/2/18.  I am also enjoying reading your book Awesome Authenticity, which is very enlightening and informative.

Peter Boey



“Awesome Authenticity’ is a fantastic book to inspire and coach you through what it really takes to succeed in effective networking. It’s so easy to assume one knows what it takes to build awesome authentic relationships, yet reading Jennie’s step by step guidance on ‘how to’, by the end of the book one feels compelled to follow all of Jennie’s advice, if you hope to succeed. I found it an easy read, as Jennie writes as she speaks (and speaks as she writes), so whether you are networking for business, or to improve your personal life, the tips and strategies expressed from over 30 years of experience, and from the heart, will change your perspective and help carry you forward to where you want or need to be. Thank you for this gift Jennie”

Sandy Kitchener, Bookwiz Aspley

Rob Woodroffe“I have known Jennie for over 30 years where she has been a supporter, coach mentor or consultant to  Small Business operators, Entrepreneurs, or Sole Traders, whether in Start-up or “Review” mode.

Jennie Gorman has 5 key skills and qualities that mark her as probably the Number 1 Coach/Mentor/Small Business Consultant that I know in South East Queensland:

  1. Relationship building – Jennie takes time to get to know you (as she does with everyone she meets) which means that you are given personal individual and customised attention;
  1. Trust – Jennie tells it as she sees it – in a constructive manner based upon many years working as an entrepreneur and sole trader in small business. Jennie has such great credentials and is universally acknowledged that her word is Trust and she lives, breathes, works, and relates by her word;
  1. Systems – Jennie has a systems and process based approach to small business. Her methods, resources and tools are based on proven and repeatable actions and accountabilities which have been fine-tuned by many years of practical use, research, 1,000’s of satisfied clients and a willingness (ability and insight) to ensure those systems are reviewed to remain contemporary;
  1. Confidentiality – Jennie has confidentiality stamped on her passport. She exists to build and maintain relationships with her network of contacts and does not share or claim what is not rightfully hers;
  1. Authentic – of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. genuine, original, real, actual, pukka, bona fide, true, veritable Jennie practices Authenticity and has written a book “Awesome Authenticity” – in a world of networkers out primarily for themselves Jennie is a gem who has identified one key to success “build relationships upon giving and supporting and not only taking or selling”. “

– Rob Woodrofe – Organisational Transformation Consultant


12983397_699849750118771_5307014952756410434_oI speak constantly about authenticity with authors and their vision. Every time I do, I think ‘Jennie Gorman’. Her ability to connect with ease and make you feel as though you have known her for years is to be valued and treasured. She is a loved and respected member of various networks throughout Queensland and beyond, and it is no surprise as to why. Just read her book to understand the passion behind who she is, what she does and why she does it. If you have yet to have the pleasure to meet Jennie, I strongly recommend to connect. Her strength of character, passion for life and centered purpose in life is inspirational. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have been involved in the publishing of her latest edition of ‘Awesome Authenticity’. A book you will read over and over again. Many thanks to Jennie and whatever forces had us cross paths.

– Ocean Reeves – Publisher

alberta-guadagnini‘Jennie Gorman is one of those rare individuals you feel blessed to have in your life. I had the opportunity to meet her and get to know her better in the past month and she definitely is one of a kind. She is an absolute master of creating and nurturing authentic relationships and an amazing human being with a great heart and passion. Her book ‘Awesome Authenticity’ is inspiring and you can see her talking to you with her confident and warm voice from page 1. A simple and enlightening read, a step-by-step guide for all business people full of tips Jennie generously shares along the reading. Her deep knowledge is a rare gift and this book will open your eyes, change your perspective and lead you to greater success in all possible ways.’

– Alberta Guadagnini 


thumbI have found your book “Awesome Authenticity” an enlightening read. So much so that I have actually changed a lot of my own self-promotion material in line with your culture. I believed it but didn’t know how to express it. The best part is that I feel so much better about saying it when I answer the old question, “what do you do?”. I now say “WE HELP SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND ENTREPRENERS ACHIEVE THEIR FUTURE CAREER GOALS IN A PROMPT AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER”. Thanks again forgiving me this enlightenment, to me it is much more than just a book, I will highly recommend it to anyone irrespective of where they are in their career.

– Adrian Coyne – Business Brokers Network


kevin“Awesome Authenticity” will challenge you to network more effectively, building a purpose in your networking, guiding you to create a structure and develop benchmarks critical to your success.

– Kevin Gammie




Aaron-Goldwater‘As you read this book you can hear Jennie speaking in that warm clear voice which gives you absolute confidence that she is speaking from both her heart and her brain. She is sharing 30 years of learning…….and what Jennie does amazingly well is share her knowledge – it is who she is.

The book is easy to read and digest.  It makes you sit back, reflect and move forward with your life.  I recommend this book!’

 – Aaron Goldwater –

Natasha_Howie_Get_SmartJennie Gorman is nothing short of an exemplary human being, and has a fantastic reputation amongst business leaders in Australia. Whenever I mention Jennie Gorman to a business person I know (it seems like everyone knows her), they always rave about her. That’s because she’s an absolute master of creating and nurturing authentic relationships. “Awesome Authenticity”is an must have business book. It is an inspirational thought provoking, step by step guide filled with nuggets of wisdom that every business owner must know in order to achieve joy and success simultaneously in business and in life. I have no doubt that if you read Awesome Authenticity, complete the simple yet eye opening self- assessments, and follow Jennie’s advice that you will catapult to greater success in more ways than you can imagine.

– Natasha Howie

josieJennie Gorman is one of those rare individuals that you meet once in a lifetime! I am honoured to know such a remarkable woman with the biggest heart and capacity to give and care unconditionally! Jennie has a unique gift which she generously shares in her new book, which I read from cover to cover in one sitting and absolutely loved it! If you are seeking to excel in business and build longstanding authentic connections, this book is for you! I highly recommend it.

-Josie Thomson –

josieI have known the awesome Jennie Gorman for many years and I know of her excellent people skills. I was eager to read her book ‘Awesome Authenticity’. When I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down. It was so exciting to read on every page the enormously useful hints and tips to promote relationships and business opportunities. Jennie is a rare gem in this busy world of entrepreneurs and business people trying to gain some recognition. She shares her knowledge and experience on every page. Everyone can gain invaluable knowledge and expertise by reading her book. I was very inspired by reading ‘Awesome Authenticity’ and I can highly recommend it to anyone who seeks to build relationships. Jennie you are awesome

-Tove Vine –

cheryl spicer“What a fantastic morning at Southport NRG this morning.  Jennie Gorman is a treasure.  Jennie’s topic was ‘How to Build Trust in Business Relationships‘… Gold nuggets that one would expect at a high ticket price one day seminar. 
Jennie packaged her presentation so that we could learn, adopt and implement the information. I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time that I heard such a helpful dynamic caring presentation. Jennie made sure that we were able to follow her all of the way. 
The energy in the room became that of a thinking environment as we were educated, informed and supported in understanding the importance of trust and relationship building. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with Jennie in the near future. Thank you Jennie Gorman.   You are the real deal!” 

Cheryl Spicer International 

Aaron Goldwater on Awesome Authenticity