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Networking is one of the greatest things a small business person can do.  The traditional ‘word of mouth’ marketing will always win in the long run.  Of course, this is not a quick ‘hit and miss’ exercise, it is a practice that needs to be on-going.

Being able to spend time with your peers and other business people can move you and your business forward very fast.  It is important though that learning the skills and techniques associated with networking/relationship building are learned to make the most of your experiences.

My book ‘AWESOME AUTHENTICITY – mastering business relationships’ is all about the learning.

Do yourself a favour, buy the book now and learn whilst reading the best way to move forward fast!

This common sense information is not so common anymore.

Enjoy and may we connect in the future.

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Written & Video Testimonials

Thank you very much for your inspiring presentation at the Gold Coast Writers’ Association on 17/2/18.  I am also enjoying reading your book Awesome Authenticity, which is very enlightening and informative.

Peter Boey



“Awesome Authenticity’ is a fantastic book to inspire and coach you through what it really takes to succeed in effective networking. It’s so easy to assume one knows what it takes to build awesome authentic relationships, yet reading Jennie’s step by step guidance on ‘how to’, by the end of the book one feels compelled to follow all of Jennie’s advice, if you hope to succeed. I found it an easy read, as Jennie writes as she speaks (and speaks as she writes), so whether you are networking for business, or to improve your personal life, the tips and strategies expressed from over 30 years of experience, and from the heart, will change your perspective and help carry you forward to where you want or need to be. Thank you for this gift Jennie”

Sandy Kitchener, Bookwiz Aspley

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Authors Quotes From The Book

If you are your authentic self, you have no competition.

Being authentic is about being REAL!

Authenticity is allowing the masks to come down.

We are all awesomely abundant.

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Owl Quotes


Here are some of Jennie’s quotes that are used in the book.


1.Being authentic is about being REAL

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