How do you define SUCCESS

How do you define success?

How do you define SUCCESS? Most of us chase success!  I often wonder if we know what it actually means! Do we really understand what it is we want, and what success means to us personally?


What is LOVE really means

What is Love Really?

There are seven different types of love, all having their own place.  I can say ‘I love you’ to one person and have a very different meaning to saying the same three words to someone else. Check it out by reading this article!


Life's Perspectives

Your Perspective, My Perspective and Paradigm Shifts

We often assume that our way of viewing experiences and life is the same way others view it! Well, let me tell you that is not true. What is right for one, is not necessarily right for another!


Are people who you really think they are

Are people who you really think they are?

I was taught never to judge someone by ‘where they came from’, ‘what they did’ and ‘who they were’ until there was a reason to do the judging.  In life, we are all too quick to make a judgment on another without considering their story, and the actual facts of why they do what they […]


the path

The path of business and life is not a straight line

Our lives, as well Our lives, as well as our businesses, have a seasonal ebb and flow which we have no control our businesses, have a seasonal ebb and flow which we have no control over. I find that the business  owner who is self-aware, and understands how they themselves think and operate, have […]


Is Self-Reflection Good for you-

Is self-reflection good for you?

Have you discovered your greatest gift? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? How effective are you at work or in your business?


Creative expression

Creative Expression

As humans we take our creativity for granted! What is easy for one, is not necessarily easy for others.  We put very little self-recognition on what we can do with little. This means we do not recognise that this is the gift we have. If we recognise our gift we are then given a choice […]


Why do birds of a feather

Why do birds of a feather flock together?

This behaviour started for us as children within our families, then friends and neighbours.  We moved into the schooling system and played sports, there was Church and hobbies and the list goes on and on.  We continued to gravitate to the things that we enjoyed and loved and thus moved into comfortable places where we […]


Why resilience is

Why resilience is important in relationship building

This may seem a very strange comment, and from my understanding of relationship building, being resilient is having the quality of being able to be bent and stretched in all directions, whilst being able to bounce back to your original form, when the pressure is off. We need to be able to do this to […]


What can we control in life

What can we control in life?

In life we can only control certain things that relate to us personally. Most people work hard at doing their best to control other people and circumstances, which of course is impossible.  Managing our everyday life and experiences can be a full time job in itself. We tend to have complications at times. This can […]